Congratulations to our 2016 Champions!

Open Division - Adam Jacobs

Senior Division - Alan Pumford

Legends Division - Gary Trumble


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Final Leaderboard


Prizes will be available at The Sawmill on Thursday June 30 and must be redeemed by October 31, 2016.



Thanks to B&B Threads for their generous apparel donation for the SDGA Committee



Tournament Rounds:

The Sawmill Golf Club

Friday June 24, Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26.

The Sawmill is providing complementary range balls to participants during the tournament.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are you eliminating the qualifying tournament?

Eliminating the qualifier was not an easy decision.  Over the last 7-8 years, participation in the qualifier has steadily decreased to the point where virtually everyone who attended the qualifier was making the tournament.  We’re also hoping to attract past participants who have avoided the qualifier for one reason or another by giving them a direct opportunity to compete for the District Championship.

Is there a handicap requirement to enter?

No, however, our new pace of play policy will require participants to keep pace or risk penalty or disqualification.  Also, participants who fail to return a score within 20 strokes of the cut for their division may have future entries denied.

What about my exemption as a past champion or high finish in previous tournaments?

We are not eliminating exemptions.  There will be an early registration window for those who meet the exemption criteria and we look forward to your continued participation in The District.  Exempt players can also register during General Registration but registration will close once the field is full.

I’m not exempt, how do I register and how many spots are available?

You will register during General Registration.  Registration is first-come, first-served so when the field for each division is full, registration will close.  The Open Division will have 54 players and the Legends Division will have 27 players.  Check the website daily for the number of available spots and if your entry was received.

I see registration is now online, can I still mail or drop off cash or a check?

You may mail or drop off your entry to R.C. Hendrick (2885 S. Graham Road, Saginaw, MI 48609) during regular business hours (M-F 8am-4pm).  If you drop it off, it will be logged in at that time, if you mail it, it will be logged in when it is opened.  Again, registration is first-come, first-served and when the field for each division is full, registration will close.

When are registration dates/times?

Exempt Registration opens at 8am on Monday, May 9 and closes at 4pm on Monday, May 23.  Exempt players may also continue to register during General Registration but registration will close when the fields are full.

General Registration opens at 8am on Tuesday, May 24 and closes at 4pm on Monday, June 13 (or whenever the field for each division is full)

What is new for this year’s tournament?

We realize that one of the issues with the tournament is pace-of-play.  We will be developing a formal Pace-of-Play Policy that we will be enforcing at this year’s tournament.  There will be checkpoints at various holes and if pace is not maintained, penalty strokes will be assessed.  The days of the 6-hour “deathmarch” are over as far as the SDGA Board is concerned.

Also, new this year is online registration and we’re hoping to add online scoring updates even if it’s as simple as photographing the leaderboard and posting it on Facebook.  We’re always looking for constructive feedback and new ideas so please don’t hesitate to suggest something.  


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